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When I realized not too long ago that my strength wasn't what it had once been, I decided to take action.  I walk a couple of miles daily, but apparently that isn't a full body workout.  I was reluctant to hire a trainer through my local gym, as they advertise "taking you to the edge."  I wanted a trainer who would respect my 70+ year old body and work with me at a level I could tolerate and not hate.  A neighbor recommended Suzie, and I signed up.  Suzie listened to what I wanted, and tailored my workouts to my level of fitness, always working on a reasonable but tolerable level of strength increase.  Our goal was to establish a routine, and then take me to my local gym and show me the ropes there.  She got me going and raised my confidence to the point where I can now carry on by myself. She's great fun, and varies the workout with a variety of  equipment to keep it from getting boring. This was a once in a lifetime event for me and I was very pleased with the results.  Highly recommended!!
Madge Walls  Wilsonville
Suzie has made a huge impact in my life.  I call her my secret weapon (and my smiling sadist) against stress.  I sleep better, feel better and am looking better.  She honestly cares about her clients and is one of those rare people who truly believe in what they are doing and cares about doing it well. When working out at a gym I always felt a bit like a rat on a treadmill-same old, same old with not a lot of appreciable results with the end result usually being burnout.  With Suzie your workout is never the same and she takes care to address all areas in your body that need to be addressed.
As well, she pushes you to work harder with the result being that you can accomplish more than you thought you could.  And you see results-you get stronger, more agile, calmer, more focused.  While pushing hard she never makes you feel inadequate or uncomfortable ( well sometimes it's uncomfortable but good because you're being pushed to grow).  Also, she is very careful to tailor the workout to your specific needs.
Suzie charges a fair and decent rate unlike other trainers whose charges rack up quickly and who frankly most of us cannot afford.  And unlike most trainers she is very focused on you, the client, during your session.  It's not just a paycheck for her.  Again, she truly likes what she is doing and does it for her love of fitness and wanting to share that with and instill it in others.I feel blessed to know Suzie as a person-not just as a trainer.  She truly is a lovely person inside and out.  Everyone I know who has met her has been thrilled.  It's not often that all people enjoy a trainer as much as they enjoy Suzie.  Do yourself a favor and call her. It is one of the best decisions I ever made.
--Kristen M.
When I walked in her studio I weighed 256 lbs and just had a dream that one day I could walk/run a 5k or better.  2 years in a row I have participated in a half marathon.  I am healthier and happier because she gave me the tools to achieve anything I put my mind and body through.  She is a motiviating and positive person who deals with the whole person.  If results are what you want results are what you will get.

Cathleen Houk 165 lbs lowest weight ever.
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