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Want to look and feel better?  See how Tym 4 Me Fitness can help.
Tym 4 Me Fitness offers one on one and couples personal fitness training and nutritional counseling in a private training studio. We provide motivation, make exercise effective, and fun. 

The gym equipment is disinfected after each training session and for those not comfortable with a gym setting, we offer Face time training sessions. 

Our private studio is located in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Check out what we do on the weekend.
We work out with Friends!
Get moving! A walk, bike ride, or a zumba class. Moving is a great first step!
Morning workouts lower stress hormones. The effects can last six to eight hours. Start your day our working out, feel great all day!
Cut yourself some slack! Changing your habits doesn't happen overnight. Choose one thing to change a week.